Jane Margerison - Integrative Therapist/ Coach

BSc, RMN, Hypnotherapy Cert (HP),, Dip (Life Coaching), PSTEC, EMDR & NLP practitioner. 





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Hypno-psychotherapy integrates psychotherapy techniques with hypnotherapy to assist people to make changes in their life at a sub-conscious level. For example during an induced hypnotic trance instead of merely making suggestions to the client we can incorporate for example Gestalt empty chair technique, NLP modelling and reframing or Jungian archetypes or symbology to support people in working through their challenges and discovering their own solutions.


At all times during this process you are in control of what happens , I am simply your guide. It will be you who discovers why you have your problem and how you can solve it. I can offer ideas and suggestions to help you understand the best way for you to overcome any difficulties and move forward... but you are the expert of you and you will find that you have untapped resources that can help you to make positive changes in your life.

Hypnosis or trance isn't as mysterious as you may believe. It is something we all slip in and out of all day long. Think about when you are engrossed in reading a book and hardly notice anything happening around you or 'in the zone' running or playing a musical instrument or maybe just daydreaming. These are times when you are concentrating and directing your focus of attention. Hypnosis is this state of being and whilst in this attention focussed head space it is possible to connect with your subconscious mind and understand why you do the negative things you do and find ways to stop doing what you do habitually or unconsciously. Whilst connecting with your subconscious mind positive suggestions can start changing the way that you think, you can reprogramme yourself to lead a healthier, happier and more abundant life. You really can change your mind!


I am a validated practitioner on the register of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Please go to their website http://www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com for useful information about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, who can be hypnotised and who can benefit from hypnotherapy and other questions you may have are all addressed. We can also discuss any questions you may have during your first session.


Please text me on 07866656779 or send me an email at lifeflow1@yahoo.co.uk to book an appointment.













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