Integrative Psychotherapy  (PG. Diploma), BSc, RMN, Hypno-Psychotherapy (PG.Cert),

EMDR & NLP Practitioner

Jane Margerison -Integrative Psychotherapist


Distress or trauma

Are you finding that your problem is affecting your ability to sleep, eat, work, study, socialise and even how you get along with your family and friends?


Psychotherapy may help  you to process a traumatic event and hypnotherapy/guided visualisation, mindfulness may help you to relax, find more balance or inner peace and therefore help you lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Support during life change

Do you want to feel stronger and better equipped to cope with changes that happen in  life?

Psychotherapy may be able to help you find ways to process and cope better with  bereavement, redundancy, treatment for an illness or cancer, an end of a relationship or difficulty finding the right partner, issues with children -young/adult children, parents, carer issues, menopausal change or traumatic experience.


Contact me

If you would like to book a therapy session with me. Please text me on 07866656779.  I will get in touch asap and we can organise a convenient time and date to meet by phone, Skype, Zoom - you choose what is best for you.

You are invited to have a complimentary consultation to see if hypnotherapy can help you with: addiction, PTSD, pain relief, anxiety, bereavement, fears and phobias, motivation, changing limiting beliefs, weight-loss, depression, insomnia and anything else that may be troubling for you...

Personal development

Do you want support on your self-improvement journey?


Psychotherapy, NLP coaching and hypnotherapy can give you that boost so you can achieve all your goals! You can give up smoking, perform music or sport more confidently. You can become motivated to lose weight, study more seriously or get that job your have always wanted! You can overcome shyness, tourettes and increase your self-esteem.

Maybe you are  currently experiencing depression, anxiety, fears and/or phobias, insomnia, addictions, pain, agoraphobia? Maybe you realise these are symptoms of something else?



If your goal is to overcome this issue, gain more understanding about it or discover ways to cope better then psychotherapy,guided visualisation, EMDR or EFT may be able to help you.

Problems and issues

I am a BACP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist (MBACP - 384097) trained in some of the latest breakthrough therapy treatments including NLP, EMDR and hypnotherapy.  I integrate these into traditional talk therapy and can offer you a unique, individually tailored experience to help you get through challenging times and start living life the way you want to...


I have over three decades of working with people from all walks of life in a variety of mental health settings and I can offer you confidential and caring support.


I am here to help you identify and work through your issues and achieve your goals or I can just be by your side on your personal development journey.

Are you looking for the light at the end of the tunnel? Can I join you on your journey?