Jane Margerison - Hypnotherapy

RMN, BSc, Cert (HP), Dip (LC), PSTEC

Bodyworks Therapy Centre

Hebden Bridge








Please get in touch if you would like to book an appointment. The best way is to text me or email me (as I can't always answer my phone) and I will call you back/text or email (let me know what you prefer). I work at Bodyworks every  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  between 9 - 7pm and Saturday 11 - 3 or I also do skype sessions if you prefer.


Your first session is completely free ... this is so we can get to know each other and find out if hypnotherapy is right for you - you can talk and let me know what you are wanting to deal and you can have an ego strengthening/feel good hypnosis experience and learn how to do self-hypnosis/meditation. Sometimes you will only need this initial consultation plus one session but for deeper issues you may need a few - but this will become clear during the first session. All other sessions last an hour to hour and a half and are on a sliding scale from £25-£65, most people pay £40. If you need a series of sessions I can arrange a discount. Smoking cessation does not require a free consultation - just one session at  £100 or £70  concession rate and hypno-gastric band is £250 for 5 sessions and fear of flying/phobias also only usually need one session and no consultation necessary.


I am often asked why therapy costs so much - so it is good to be clear ... the reason is that my outgoings are expensive. I need to pay for a room, insurance, advertising, GHR registration, have supervision at rate of 1 supervision for every 6 clients, attend 50 hours of professional development training per year, have weekly therapy myself and spend time in preparation/research for each client I work with. I want to make therapy accessible for everyone because I know it really helps so I like to do pro-bono work or low cost work for people in need but really appreciate it when I am paid a more realistic amount that reflects your own income.


I really look forward to meeting you and hope that we can successfully work together to achieve your goals.  Thank you Jane




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Bodyworks Natural Therapy Centre

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Wednesday,Thursday and

Friday 9am - 7pm/ Saturdays 9 - 3pm


Skype at a time to suit you (Monday - Saturday )

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