Jane Margerison - Integrative Therapist/ Coach

BSc, RMN, Hypnotherapy Cert (HP),, Dip (Life Coaching), PSTEC, EMDR & NLP practitioner. 



I have worked in the helping/healing professions throughout most of my adult life. I started my career by training as a psychiatric nurse and worked as an RMN for 17 years. During that time I worked with people from all walks of life with a huge variety of presenting issues and gained a great deal of experience. However over time I began to believe that mental health problems were not always being dealt with in the best way. It seemed as though people were being given fixed labels rather than being treated as temporarily unwell due to whatever circumstances they were facing at the time. They were also often  encouraged to dwell on their problems/and or the parts of their lives that weren't working well rather than examine the parts of their lives that were unproblematic and working well.


This led me to study and practice life coaching; this form of counselling enables  people to look at all aspects of themselves and their lives holistically. Life coaching techniques can help people to realise that in some areas of life they are doing really well. With encouragement they can start transferring their positive qualities and skills into other areas of their lives and begin to find more balance and contentment.


After a serious accident in 2009 I started to re-evaluate my own life and began to study the law of attraction. I wondered if it was possible that I was attracting experiences that happened to me; both positive and negative - by the way I was thinking. After realising I could change my thoughts to change my mind, I started doing guided meditations to  heal my physical pain, increase my confidence and self-esteem, attract loving and healthy relationships and increase my positivity. The results were astonishing and life changing, my life became full of joyful experiences. I decided I wanted to make a difference by helping other people learn how to feel good about themselves and make positive changes in their own lives.


After more study I am now a qualified hypno -psychotherapist (Cert(HP). I blend psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, PSTEC, NLP and life coaching to support people in transforming their lives; my methods can help highlight negative core-beliefs that may have been gathered throughtout childhood, adolesence and early adulthood; this information has 'hypnotised' us into expecting negative results and causes self-limitation.


By examining our negative core-beliefs we can change the way we look at the world around us. With a more positive belief system, we can let go of the past and start to enjoy a wonderful 'now'. We can feel good about ourselves and enjoy living our lives to our full potential, no longer exhausted and depleted by constant thoughts and reinactment of dramatic episodes from our past. There really is hope for a more fullfiliing future when we learn to choose our thoughts and change our minds... Of course in the course of our lifetimes we all have painful and/or traumatic experiences to deal with; however if we have the right help at the right time, there are ways of making even the most intense life events easier to deal with.  Often we are able to not only just bounce back to where we were before the event occurred, but find that we have learnt a new way of being, a resilience that can carry us forward with wisdom, courage and strength so that we can begin to experience a more enriched and fullfilled life.


Hypnotherapy using psychotherapeutic methods may be the answer for you; it may be a way that you can face your fears and sorrows and discover ways to move forward into a new way of being. Perhaps you will be able to at last let go of your worries, anxieties and addictions and find a lighter and more enjoyable way of living your precious life. Why not get in touch on 07866656779 if you feel we could work together.







Phone me and have a chat to see if you think hypnotherapy may be helpful for you. I work in a totally confidential and compassionate way and as well as professional experience, I have lots of life experiences which include marriage, divorce, travelling, bringing up children, bereavements, accidents, traumas and addictions. My own journey although painful at times has enriched me personally and has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of other  peoples issues and challenges.



About me

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