Jane Margerison - Hypnotherapy

RMN, BSc, Cert (HP), Dip (LC), PSTEC

Bodyworks Therapy Centre

Hebden Bridge







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Distress or trauma

If you are finding that your problem is affecting your ability to sleep, eat, work, study, socialise or how you get along with family and friends; hypnotherapy can help you to relax, find more balance or inner peace and help you lead a more enjoyable life.


Support during life change

Hypnotherapy can help you feel stronger and more equipped to cope with changes that happen in  life like:bereavement, redundancy, treatment for an illness or cancer, the end of a relationship, coping with pain or chronic illness, children leaving home or an accident or traumatic incident.


Book your free initial consultation

Appointments are usually held every Wednesday,Thursday and Friday between 9 and 7pm at Bodyworks situated in the attic of Organic House Cafe on Market Street, Hebden Bridge. If you prefer I also do skype sessions so you can experience therapy in the comfort of your own home most days of the week.

Contact me

If you would like to book your free consultation with me. Please send me an email to lifeflow1@yahoo.co.uk or text me on 07866656779. Sometimes I can't answer my phone so just leave me a message and I will get back to you asap.

You are invited to have a complimentary consultation to see if hypnotherapy can help you with: addiction, PTSD, pain relief, anxiety, bereavement, fears and phobias, motivation, changing limiting beliefs, weight-loss, depression, insomnia and anything else that may be troubling for you...


Personal improvement

Hypnotherapy can help you on your self-improvement journey. You can give up smoking, perform music or sport at a higher or more confident level. You can become motivated to stick to a diet or study more seriously. You can overcome shyness or increase your self-esteem.

If you are  currently experiencing depression, anxiety, fears and/or phobias, insomnia, IBS, addictions, pain, agoraphobia or something else is troubling you. If your goal is to overcome this problem or gain some acceptance or ability to cope with this problem then hypnotherapy may be able to help.

Problems and issues